Learn to eat without judgment and take care of you.


Do you struggle with Disordered Eating?

Does your relationship with food leave you feeling stressed out?

Did you know that you can eat without judgment?

Are you wondering why you "emotionally eat"?

Are you done with counting calories and feeling overwhelmed about what to do next?

Maybe we can support you.

Interested in learning how to eat by listening to your body? What about accepting your body at any size? As a non-diet dietitian, this is where we come in. We help people to discover what their needs are, respond to them kindly, and heal their relationship with their body.

"At our first session, I was scared to tell Hope about my eating restrictions. They were so much a part of me; they were my coping mechanisms to survive terrible situation. Her first comment made me realize that she would truly listen and not be judgmental. She congratulated me on making it through that difficult time, whatever it took. That was amazing – she understood that I was doing the best I could at that time. She understood how rigidly I held on to my eating patterns and how breaking away from those patterns felt so far away from something I could actually do. She walked beside me through my scared thoughts and reactions. She gently and safely challenged my thoughts about self-care and self-acceptance. She reminded me to nourish my body. She helped me plan to meet the challenges that come with learning to eat for good health. Eventually, I began to reconcile my relationship with food, eating and my body."