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About Nourishing NH

Nourishing NH is a weight inclusive private practice in New Hampshire that is dedicated to the treatment of eating disorders and disordered eating. Owned by Hope Hayes, a registered dietitian-nutritionist and nutrition therapist, Nourishing NH welcomes all bodies and all people to explore healing their relationship with their body using non-diet approaches.

Hope believes that health is defined differently to each person and the work that she does with her clients respects that diversity. Even though Hope is a dietitian, she does not prescribe weight loss. Nourishing NH is a place where people can show up and bravely unpack their relationship with food and trust that they can heal without needing to undergo a diet or weight loss plan. Hope works through the lens of “Health At Every Size”. More information about HAES can be found here.

Working with Hope is a gentle process that supports people as they learn to trust their body and their hunger and satiety cues. Often, Intuitive Eating is used in therapy sessions and more about IE can be found here.

Hope believes that people’s lived experience is incredibly valuable in this process and that each of us are our own experts about our bodies. Using mindfulness techniques, clients are able to learn and trust themselves as they embark on healing and liberating themselves of a critical body relationship.

Hope had the ability to meet me where I was; through education, coaching and caring, she helped me to make positive lasting changes that fit me. She helped me learn how to trust myself, reconnect with my intuition and learn the difficult art of self-love and acceptance.